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Oct 17, 2016 23:45
Over the past few years, tons of new Chinese words have been coined by millennials in China. “Amway” (安利) is one of them. It can be used as a verb, which means “recommend.”

e.g., 我今天要给大家安利一款有趣实用的手机APP.
Now, I’m going to "Amway" you all an interesting, useful smartphone app.

Of course, this word is related to Amway, an American company, which has been in the Chinese market for nearly twenty years. When we speak of Amway, we instantly think of its marketing mode: pyramid schemes. Interestingly, today, no pyramid-shceme companies but Amway has been legal in China, supposedly because Amway sells quality products, whereas other pyramid companies sell nothing while desperately developing their downline.

Pyramid schemes were once prevalent in China 15 years ago. A hysterical speaker on a platform addressing a large crazed crowd who were eager to become rich was a common occurrence. However, 10 years ago, this sales model was outlawed, stifled and driven underground. Today, there are still many organizations of this kind that run secretly.

Meanwhile, Amway is still the only pyramid-scheme company that is allowed to operate publicly. Millions of its members exuberantly sell Amway’s items of daily use such as soap, detergent, and toothpastes to relatives, friends, and colleagues, who tend to buy some if they are running out of these things.

How does Amway work in your country? And, are pyramid schemes legal in your country?

比如: 我今天要给大家安利一款有趣实用的手机APP.

当然,这个词和美国安利公司有关。安利进入中国市场将近有20年了。当我们说到安利,我们就会想起传销。有意思的是,安利公司目前是中国唯一合法的传销。据说是因为至少安利还在卖东西,而其它公司都是皮包公司(bogus company),不卖东西,只发展下线。



安利在贵国是如何运营的? 在贵国,传销是违法的吗?