Good Friends Overseas 海外存知己(1)

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Jul 23, 2011 21:34
Now I am back in the dorm at school, and writing this post on my laptop. I will never forget what happened during this two weeks. Two weeks ago, eight volunteer organizers of Chinese Bridege Competition*, including me, waited in Xiyuan hotel, Beijing, for the arrival of over 120 college students from over seventy countries.

On July 10th, the 120 competitors have almost got to Beijing, and we started the three-day-long activity- “experience Beijing’s cultures.” The day-time temperature was high at the time in the summer Beijing, reaching about 36℃, but it was nice and cool at night. I prefer the summer of Beijing to that of the southern China. Though Beijing has got a burning sun, the air is not humid. It’s much cooler to stand under trees and clothes won’t be sweaty.

All the contestants were seperated into four groups- group A, B, C and D. I lead the group C with another volunteer. We all lived together, and my main task was to assist them to travel and compete in China. On the moring of Day 1, we went to the Juyongguan Great wall and that’s my sencond visit. Some members were so excited as to reach the very distant parts, going through many beacon towers. However, many people were quite calm, beacuase they had come to China many times- some of them had even studied in Beijing. So the Great Wall was not new to them. Moreover, the Great Wall near Beijing isn’t real. It’s been rebuilt to ensure tourists’ safety. If you want to see the real and old Great Wall, you may have to go to the untrodden and desolate places.

After lunch, we went to Houhai and Hutong to experience the ancient Beijing culture. Hutong is the unique residential achitecture in Beijing, which is rare in the concrete jungle. I sighed to a Hungarian contestant named Erik, “China has thousands of years of history, but it has few remained ancient architecture, perhaps because there were made of wood. The buildings you see are only twenty or thirty years old.” He replied proudly that the city Budapest where he was from was one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it had great many ancient architectures. I later knew that the Hungarian guy had performed Xiangsheng (a traditional Chinese art of comic dialogue) on the spring festival gala before! It is the show that nearly everyone of Chinese would watch on the spring festival’s eve.

Notes: Chinese Bridge is a Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students