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Hello everyone!
I have great passion for studying languages. I hope I can be your friend here.

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A Present Dilemma With native lang

Chinese New Year is coming up along with a seven-day national holiday. Some people will take trips overseas. Since the holiday isn’t long...
  • 136
  • 23
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  • English 
Feb 12, 2018 22:34

(2/2) Depression. A Curse? With native lang

Depression is definitely not a sign of weakness or a negative personality trait. We should not automatically assume that we could easily ...
  • 132
  • 15
  • 4
  • English 
Feb 12, 2018 00:03

(1/2) Depression With native lang

Years ago, the news that a well-known Chinese comedian had suffered from depression and committed suicide aroused my curiosity about depr...
  • 145
  • 17
  • 4
  • English 
Feb 10, 2018 04:03

A Question about Pronunciation

My English teacher, M, teaches us not only expressions but also American pronunciation. His class is informative and helpful, but I’m sti...
  • 204
  • 35
  • 3
  • English 
Feb 9, 2018 01:15

Interesting Misunderstandings With native lang

My English teacher M has come back from the US. Today he taught us some hotel expressions at the city library and I found them very usefu...
  • 155
  • 20
  • 7
  • English 
Feb 5, 2018 03:05
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For lang-8 beginners
This is group for beginners. First of all , plese find friend who can teach you the language...



What a strange expression!
If you find any strange expressions in English or Chinese in the lang-8 system, please let us k...

Testimonials from My Friends

One of the nicest, smartest, most experienced and yet also most humble Chinese guys you're likely to find around here. He's very intelligent and accepting of others and frankly always comes across as a role-model for others to follow; if you need an example of what excellent citizens make China great, then look no further. Naturally, as being humble almost amounts to being his religion, he'll no doubt find these effusive compliments (albeit true) to be nigh on sacrilege. Which really just reinforces my points. So if you want a friend who not only has so many superb qualities, but also want someone profoundly skilled in Mandarin Chinese, then he's your man. He'll also easily be able to explain things in English. Should you be Japanese, he has some skills there too and many others. You'll like him. If you for some reason don't, then it must by logical extension naturally mean that you're a cunt and should just delete your account. Cheers.