Dialect of Hokkaido in Japan

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Nov 25, 2009 23:28 English
Japan have many dialects.
Usually, I'm using dialect of Hokkaido.
Dialect of Hokkaido is said that it looks like the standard dialect of Japan.
But, I think that these differences are in the standard dialect and the Hokkaido dialect.
●The accent is a little different.
●Indigenous people'(Ainu) words remain.
●Words of pioneers who came from other land at the Meiji era have mixed.

For example, "こわい/kowai" means "疲れた/tired". In "こわい" and "怖い/scary", the meaning is quite different.
"じょっぴん/joppin" means "鍵/key".
"したっけね・したらね/shitakkene・shitarane" means "じゃあね /good bye", but it means "そうしたら/then? so? such? I'm not paraphrased well..." too.
Moreover, "なまら/namara" means "とても・非常に/very". I sometimes use it though it is not the good wording.

In Japan, there is an entertainer from Hokkaido named Yo Oizumi.
When he meets a delicious dish, he says so.
"なまらうまい!/namara umai!"
It means "very delicious".
When I saw it, the stomach becomes empty though midnight.
The word is an enemy of the person who is dieting.
Because the television program that he says "なまらうまい/namara umai" is broadcast at midnight.
If you are shown food that seems to be delicious at midnight, does not the stomach become empty?