"My nuclear button is bigger than yours" Korean article delivery

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Jan 3, 2018 12:27 korea
Subject: My nuclear button is bigger than yours: Trump threatens to blow up North Korea after Kim Jong-un's boast that the 'nuclear button is always on my desk'

It's from Daily Mail, sort of serious topic, and pretty important to understand Korean situation going mad.

The main issue is the annual comment of Kim Jong-Un (The leader of N.Korea) on 1st JAN.

He said he could push the Nuclear button and bang the U.S.

At the same time, he wanted to have a high-level talks with S. Korea.

President Donald Trump was mad at what the poor rocket seller had said, but he was like Chicken Game. "I have the bigger than yours"

China is looking into this situation on the Korean peninsula, and will probably go ambiguous attitude which means nothing.

There should be desperate effort not to get this situation worse.


"We are very skeptical of Kim Jong-Un's sincerity in sitting down and having talks."
--> My father is very skeptical of being hired again

"Trump has frequently derided Kim as 'rocket man.'"
--> His clumsy attitude in the restaurant was derided by one of his friends when he had been gone.

"he stressed that an improvement in inter-Korean relations 'cannot go separately with resolving North Korea's nuclear programme'."
--> Your exam score can't go separately with your ability of concentration.

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