Describe a product produced in your country (food etc.)

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Dec 30, 2017 19:13
Describe a product produced in your country (food etc.)

When it comes to a product produced in my nation of China, Chinese hot pot is what I want to talk about today. When I think of hot pot, my mouth begin to run out of water. I still remember the first time I sampled the hot pot, I immediately hooked on it. Traditional hot pot consists of beef slices, lamb slices, fish balls, Chinese Toufu, sea weeds and any other seafood you want to put in. The biggest feature and secret of the hot pot is the chili. Sichuan chili is the best. Everytime I have hot pot, I dip meat slices with lots of chili peppers and sweat sauce. I can feel the strong flavor of chili penetrating into my tough, which makes my so mentally refreshed. The interesting thing is the hotter it is , the more desire you have to keep eating. I hardly talk with my friends when eating hot pot because I'm usually indulged in the delicious flavor and can't keep thinking about anything else. People usually eat hot pot in some festivals like Chinese new year, or on someone's birthday party. Hot hot has actually already become a classic Chinese food. People gather together under one roof to eat hotpot around a table and enjoy the atmosphere. When I came to Australia, I tried to find a real Sichuan Hot Pot restaurant but I couldn't find one as good as that in my country. I really miss it. That might be the glamour of Chinese hot pot!