The pie chart shows the main causes behind worldwide land degradati...

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Nov 16, 2018 12:27
The pie chart shows the main causes behind worldwide land degradation, and the table presents information about three regions in terms of land degradation in the 1990s.

Over-grazing accounts for the largest proportion of the world’s land degradation, at 35%, followed by deforestation and over-cultivation, at 30% and 28% respectively. A further 7% is caused by other reasons.

During the 1990s, 23% of the land in Europe was degraded, compared to 13% in Oceania and only 5% in North America. To be specific, 98.8% of European land was severely damaged by deforestation, nearly five times the figure for Oceania (1.7%), while only 0.2% of land in North America was degraded by this cause. Europe also suffered over-cultivation of land with 7.7% of land degraded by this reason, more than twice as much as the figure for North America at 3.3%, and no land was over-cultivated in Oceania. Nevertheless, there was 11.3% of the land was over-grazed in Oceania, more than double the figure for Europe (5.5%) and nearly eight times that of North America (1.5%).

Overall, Over-grazing is the major problem that constitutes the worldwide land degradation, and Europe was the nation most affected by land degradation.