Hallowween and Christmas

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Oct 31, 2011 02:25
In Japan we don’t have hallowween, but we have a Christmas. Kids like Christmas because they get presents and eat lots of cake. And in Japan, Christmas has nothing to do with religion but lovers celebrating their eternal love. It is huge event for young adults who have lover. But for someone who doesn't have a girlfriend, Christmas means nothing. Actually, it is the least favorite day of the entire year. In a town there are full of happy couples, lol. If you are a single during Christmas time, you will feel depressed deeply. That’s why in December lots of young adults, try to find lovers because they don't want to spend Christmas alone, but in January of the next year lots of couples ended in breaking up their relationships because from the beginning they weren't attracted to each other so much. They don’t have any conman nor doesn’t respect arch other. They were just trying to avoid being single in Christmas that’s all. So if you are looking for girlfriend or boyfriend, you should take a time and spend lots of time to discern he or she has the same value of life. But if you spend too much time only looking for the best partner of your life. You will be ended up alone entire your life.