IBM's Watson: Documentary Part1234

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Oct 27, 2011 03:12
I found these video on YOU TUBE. ”IBM's Watson: Documentary Part1234 ”. I only understood 70% of the English dialogue in this documentary but I’ve already read this story on Japanese newspaper so I get the picture. But I was surprised in part 3 of this documentary, people were using their IPHONE to translate English to Japanese only by speaking and without using any text. Oh my cat!! We don’t have to learn another language anymore. Anyway, I enjoy the process of learning English, so it is okay. But I am a little bit shocked. It used to be said that using the computer to translate languages is inaccurate and it produces weird results. Of course still it is only using in certain places and scenarios such as during shopping or in a restaurant. Anyway, I enjoyed watching the documentary. But after I watched this documentary, I realized that the advancement of AI is accelerating tremendously every day. So in the near future your smart phone will translate any language for you. It is useful but I think that it is not fun at all. I think that having this smart phone translator will not stop me from learning English. However, I may use it as a tool to help myself if I don't know how to say something in English.What do you think?
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