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Sep 24, 2011 06:52
I have realized from an entry on this site that we are easy to be hurt sometimes by the words from others. The matter made me recall the days when I first worked in a factory in Japan. One day when I was told to labeled the boxes of the products, I didn't paste the labels in the correct order and I heard the bad things behind my back though I was not able to understand much Japanese at that time but at least I understood the meaning of the word "ahou". Definitely I was badly hurt that day and cried to myself while taking a bath because what the Japanese lady said was extremely an injury to my pride.

However,I conqurred myself at last and tried very hard and became almost the best worker in that factory.

Even by now, I can not forget this thing, however, conversely maybe that was the reason why I have become stronger than before. And I always tell myself to do things as well as possible. Meanwhile, I try to find the weakness in myself and try to be optimstic towards life even occasionally something will happen unexpectedly.

More important, I think, is how to conquer ourselves and get out of the difficult situation.As some famous person says that we can not change anybody else but ourselves because we have to realize that in the hords of people there are no doubt many kinds. To some extent, conquering oneself is victory.
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