I bought new bouldering shoes.

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Jun 2, 2013 14:32
Althoug I have hesitated, finally I bought the bouldering shoes yesterday.
I always rent shoes at the gym but each shoes were little bit different.
Of course rent fee is not expensive but Little things make a big difference .

I will continue this exciting sport in the future.
I decided to buy it.

I went to the "calafate" near the Mejiro station.

Some say the sales staff at this shop are very empathic.
They checked the size and figure of my foot and let me try on many recommended shoes.
(I have never known accurate size and figure of my foot. it's one centimeters smaller than my thought.)

Basically bouldering shoes are very smaller than normal shoes.
So during slipping into the shoes, my foot feels hurt for a while.
I want to get used to it quickly.
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