I like using mobile phone... even the dinner time!

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Aug 17, 2012 23:46
Do you use your Cell phones while you eat food?
In my case, I do very much.

As well as the time I eat food at the home by myself, the time to eat out too.
Even the time having dinner with my friends.

Of course I don't use my Cell phones vso often when I am with somebady.
But before I knew it, I check some SNS site, some E-mail to me.
I know it's not good behavior, many people do the same way however.

Following article shows that one good idea to take people away from Cell phones when they eat one restaurant.
Restaurant owner offers 5% discount to customers, if they don't bring their Cell phones to table.

I like sharing my thought, picture of dinner, some scenery with my frineds through the internet.
If I concentrated food, myabe I could enjoy more!
Even I have heard that looking away at the table makes your food life bad.
Because if you bite and watch your food so much, it makes your spit come out more.
It's good to your health.

How about you?
Do you use Cell Phones at the table?