About my town. #pomokun

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Jul 1, 2012 18:38
I will write down about my town.

My town is Fucyu city.
I have been living this town for nine years.
The Fucyu is significantly good town.
There are some parks covered by greens, there is shopping center near the station too.
There is also a movie theater, big Tokyo horse racecourse too.
They also hold festivals many times through all year.
All festival seem to be related in famous shrine, 大国魂神社.

Citizen can spend a both leisurely time and boisterous time.
What a wonderful town!

At first time I came to this town, woman of real-estate office introduced this town to me.
I was proud of discovering this town.
But then, she said "The Fucyu is good town, isn't it? There is also a big jail!"

I wondered if she should explain  about it! (:
Luckily, I haven't use it yet!