A Game is fun! but... #pomokun

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Jun 30, 2012 22:13
Since I was children, I like video games very much.
As you may know, many guys who are similar in age to me(I am just 30 years old!), were grown with video games.
As I am getting old, I have coming to get away from games.
However, I am still excited when I see the information of the interesting games even now.
Of course, playing games is more fun!

Well, sometimes I buy the iOS games of iphone.
Each and every games are really interesthing but, as I can't full make use of my time, I don't play all games enough to enjoy them.

Moreover, rumor in iphone 5 will appear in autumn thesedays.
One concern about it is that, can I transition the save date of games to new iphone?
I want to avoid starting game from scratch, especially RPG like a "Final Fantasy3"
So, I abstain playing games.