Dear Photograph

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May 27, 2012 03:35
Discover a old photo, and go to the place where the photo was taken.

Then, let photo superimpose a same snece, and take a photo again.
Photos taken by such a technique have been upload onto for "Dear Photograph"

The site was born from "Tumblr"
(Tumblr is a famous SNS site. user can cite other user's post. it's called "reblog")
I follow this site and sometimes I see those photos through the dashboard and like them.
Now, it seems that those photos were assembled and became Photo book.

I like taking a picture and watching photos too.
So I guess I can enjoy this book.
Maybe I am going to buy this book...

そんな写真を載せるサイト、 "Dear Photograph"



By the way, at first, today's journal was written in Japanese.
Well, I began to blog.
If you are interested it and you are able to read japanese, please feel free to visit my site!