I will forgo a beer!

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May 17, 2012 00:49
Do you like drinking beer?
To be honest, I like.

I came up with an idea 2 days ago.
"I will forgo drinking from now on."

It doesn't mean that I always drink a lot.
I am not hearty drinker, amount of beer is less, but after I drink, I always feel sleepy.

If I drink some alcohols early time when I don't sleep yet, I can't study or some exercise very much.

Therefore, I will cut back a amount of alcohols even so I am having a tasty food.
Well, as I think that being patient is tough sometimes, maybe I am going to drink.
Above all, like a moment of having dinner with my frineds.

I am looking forward if my body will begin to change as I forgo drink.