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一个了不起的姑娘 With native lang

你们好。 我几天以前,我遇到了一个中国姑娘,还有我很感动。我不可以说明为什么。 我真的喜欢她的中文,但是我不知道为什么,也许因为很有婉言。我只知道我非常喜欢她的性格,因为她说话挺斯文的。她现在学习日语,因而她的英语不太好,但是她可以还懂得我的英语,所以我觉得她很聪明...
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Oct 16, 2015 05:24
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Chinese - English
if you want to improve you Chinese ,you can join us. if you want to improve you English , yo...

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Testimonials from My Friends

LZ大佬, to be honest, I wanted to chat with him since 2016, but unfortunately due to my busy job, I faied to chat with him! Then comes to 2017, I really have a chance to chat with LZ大佬. I was deeply amazed at his knowledgeable entries which also are filled of metaphors and language artistics. Maybe his entries should not have the appellation like entries, but the appellation like literary works. His Mandarin is so well that I sometimes think that correcting his works might be an insult. He is a versatile and incredible British gentleman who really love both Britain and China, but with some racial and critical thoughts towards these two countries. He might friendly laugh at the dullness of Teresa May and the Great Brexit, and ridicule Xi Jinping with a smiley icon. His best choice of idiol is George Orwell and Li Zhi (a critic in the Ming Dynasty). Whatever you want to say to him, LZ大佬 will use his bizarre talent and exquisite humour deeply impress you! I wanted to write the Japanese and Spanish version, but failed because of my basic Japanese and Spanish. : (|原本打算在2016年跟LZ大佬聊天的,结果工作太忙了没聊成。终于来到了2017年,我有机会跟他聊上天了!我惊叹于他那知识面很广的日志。除此之外,他的日志里还充满了修辞手法与语言艺术。大概我应该称呼他的日志为文学作品,而不是日志。他的普通话水平很高,所以我觉得有时修改他的日志会是种侵犯。他是个才华横溢及不可思议的英国绅士,并且还深深爱着英国与中国这两个国家,同时当然也会理性与批判地看待这俩个国家。他可能会友善地嘲讽Teresa May与The Great Brexit的迟钝,也会带着微笑的表情符去讥笑习近平。他最好的偶像选择是乔治·奥威尔以及李贽(明朝的一个批评家)无论你对他说什么,他会用他那奇异的天赋与精致的幽默感染你的!(原本还想写日语跟西语版的,算了,饶了我的烂日语跟西语吧)
LZ桑来自腐国,自带英伦范的神奇哥。 何谓英伦范,幽默者也。 英语母语者之文字水平有高低。 此君深谙英文精髓。双关、押韵信手拈来,文采飞扬。 更勿论,此君上知天文,下知地理,国际大事,乡间奇谈, 均可左引右道,舌战群儒,羽扇经纶,笑看世间百态于灰飞烟灭间。 不可多得的一枚才子,带你装A与C间一起飞,窥探英文和时事。 更重要的是,他理性爱国哦。 爱他不列颠,也爱吾华夏。 此君,满分。
Chinese charms are red, LZ's PF pic is blue. -I've made friends with him and you should too. -I didn't know till now he's 65 years old. -He's got such a heart of gold. -His jokes will make you crack up to tears, -And take away all your petty fears. -Sometimes he's busy and that's ok, -He's made many a Chinese girl's day. -Politics, culture and of course Chinese, -Run the range of topics he navigates with ease. -Columbus sailed through sunshine wind and rain, -But I think LZ would make the perfect swain. -Bewitching females with his handsome charm -Sometimes does his stress level a bit of harm. -It's not something he can help though, he's just too fun, -With his never-ending archive of ridiculous puns -Talk dirty, talk love, talk China-world-takeover plan -No need to look elsewhere, here is the man! -(But stay away if you're a gun-toting American!) -Now to end this bout of world-class poetry -Send a friend request pronto to my friend LZ!
He's like a hidden star waiting to be found in the galaxy. 好多話想說, 只是我不知道怎麼開口。 他很可爱。他是最有威严的。 However, don't trust anything he says because I'm definitely not 25. I am 55 and he is 65. He's no better than the MI6 after all BUT he really makes a good PIC! :) Be friends with him if you're looking for a cute and crazy 65 year old guy, with a great sense of humor and overwhelming love for China, Chinese people, the 24 dynasties of China, Chinese take-out, and whatever it is that is made in China. He will surely teach and treat you well! :D Aside from that, he'll keep on updating your testimonial until his words dominate your entire Lang-8 page. And yes I am learning Mandarin so I can talk Chinese to him, an English-speaking guy. That makes sense right? w__w Yes that makes sense in his world. Anyway, one thing's for sure, if there's such thing as happy pills, he's probably overdosed on it. It wouldn't be a problem though for he will be your sunshine on a rainy day!;D 你想念我吗? 我也想你 :D
Believe me, he is enthusiastic and really helpful!