Present Perfect or Past Simple?

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Jul 30, 2015 06:38
Present Perfect or Past Simple?

1 I havn't eaten today.
2 He didn't eat yeasterday.
3 Did you play the piano yesterday?
4 Have you played the piano today?
5 What have you prepared for today?
6 Look at this birdhouse. Mike has made it himself. He made it last Sunday.
7 Where have you put my pen? I cannot find it.
8 Have you seen Mary today?
9 When did you see Mary? — I saw her last week.
10 Your mother promised to take you to the theatre?
11 Look at my new dress! I made it myself.
12 He is not at school today, he has fallen ill. — When has he fallen ill? — He fell ill yesterday.
13 I have already done my homework. Now I can go for a walk.
14 I did my homework yesterday.
15 He has just come home.
16 He came home a minute ago.
17 Nick played football yesterday.
18 She has already come from school. Now she is doing her homework.
19 I read this book last year.
20 I have read this book this year.
21 I have never been to Washington.
22 Have you ever been to New York?
23 Have you ever seen the eruption of a volcano?
24 I have invited Linda to the party. — When did you see her? — I haven't seen her for ages. I called her an hour ago.