Stupid son (バカ息子)

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Jan 11, 2010 16:37 family (His voice -- baka-musuko)

Though I have never called him so, my first son's favorite phrease these days is "stupid son". After he is scolded, he murmurs it in a small voice. When he is excited, he shouts it aloud.

He learned it from the movie "Castle in the Sky". In that movie, Dora, the female captain of the pirate, says "このバカ息子ども!さっさとお乗り!! (These stupid sons of mine -- hurry up and get in!!)". He has watched the movie so many times that he memorizes the words. But, why such the words?

I hope he doesn't use the words in the preschool. If he does, teachers must think we parents give such bad language to him.

Anyway, I love my "stupid son" very much.