An Effect of Music: Part 2

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Jan 27, 2009 08:47
After listening to music for a few hours, I watched an American drama on DVD. I had a strange experience at that time. I noticed that I was able to hear English more than usual.

I didn't listen to songs with English lyrics. I just listened to instrumental music. Even though I hadn't heard any English sounds, my listening skills were improved for an English language. I was wondering how it had happened.

I decided to analyze my hearing process and I discovered an interesting phenomenon. Usually, I regard English as a second language. However, after hearing music for a while, I felt that English conversation was like music.

The vowels was like a series of the pitch of sounds and the consonants was like noises made by percussions. I noticed that I could hear English conversations as interesting music with melody and rhythm.

It might be a key point to listen to a second language.