Christmas Eve

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Dec 25, 2008 09:02
All employees in our office worked as usual, so I didn't notice that today was Christmas Eve. When we were working, nobody talked about Christmas. In addition, we Japanese don't decorate the office in Christmas season.

When I checked my day planner after lunchtime, finally I realized it was December 24th. Even though there was no Christmas atmosphere in the office, I said to some co-workers, "Merry Christmas!"

Then, they looked a little surprised. It seemed that they didn't also notice that it was Christmas Eve. Through this conversation, I realized that the importance of Christmas was very low for the adult people who don't have any children.

When we were kids, we always looked forward to our Christmas presents from Santa Claus. I thought we lost this kind of pure feelings. The cause of the problem was the fact that we worked until after midnight today even in Christmas Eve.