The Result of TOEIC Back

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Oct 20, 2008 22:44
I received an e-mail that said I could see the result of the TOEIC test which I took last month. I checked the TOEIC web site soon. My score was 860, which was higher than I had expected. I felt that my score was not so bad.

The listening section was 420 and the reading section was 440. I was a little bit surprised at this result. On average, the scores of listening section are higher than reading section in Japanese people.

I couldn't concentrate on the first half of the test. I had to keep listening and answering simultaneously in the listening section, but I lost the rhythm of answering. On the other hand, I could go at my own pace in the reading section. Judging from the result, my week point is concentration problem.

Now, I understand what the current TOEIC system is. Maybe I could get a higher score next time, if I take it. However, I totally lost interest in TOEIC. I won't take the test again in the near future. Instead of studying for TOEIC, there are many things I want to do.