Difference in the Process

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Oct 19, 2008 08:21
I participated the practice session of our company’s choir. Before starting the session, we discussed which songs we will sing for the 10 years anniversary concert.

We always have the meetings on the same topic each time we get together. I think we have already discussed it for over 20 hours, but we couldn’t reach an agreement.

Each choir members except me have strong opinions, and they wouldn’t compromise. They are like classical music maniacs. I don’t have much knowledge about classical music, so any kind of songs are acceptable. The concert will be held in two years, so we have much time for practicing. We don’t need to talk about the difficulty of songs.

Speaking of my rock band, the next concert is held next month. However, we just started to practice some songs and the song list isn’t finalized. If we play one of the songs and we feel we don’t like it, we can omit it and incorporate another song into our song list.

There is a huge difference between the classical music and rock music in the process of choosing songs.