How to Watch Foreign TV Drama: Part 4

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Oct 11, 2008 00:13
On Sunday, I watch the episode in English with Japanese subtitle, in other words, by the reverse method of Saturday. I can learn English phrases in English and at the same time, the Japanese subtitle reminds me of the story and the situation.

Through Monday to Wednesday, I watch it in English with English subtitle. Checking the English subtitle, I enjoy the English pronunciation and tone of voice.

On Thursday and Friday, I watch it in English without subtitle. I enjoy not only the conversation but also the body languages.

Then, I watch the next episode on next Saturday. Basically, I follow this style, but it's not a strict rule. I don't watch "Friends" technically every day. When I don't feel like watching it, I often skip it.

In conclusion, I have been naturally picking up the non-verbal communication skills such as tone of voice and body language from American TV Drama. Thanks to them, I can communicate with English speaking people, even though my English vocabulary is poor and I often make mistakes in English grammar.