Leaving Choir

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Jun 21, 2009 12:03
I decided to leave our choir. Unfortunately, my throat condition has not been good for a few months, so I haven’t been able to contribute beautiful harmony with other choir members. I wanted to make the sound of choir more perfect, so I made a decision to quit.

In addition to that, It might be better to spending my time in doing other activities. The amount of time which I can use is limited, so I can’t do whatever I want to do. Therefore, setting an order of priority in my life is very important. It’s becoming a little bit difficult for me to spending about six hours singing every Saturday.

After finishing today’s practice session of our choir, they held a farewell party for me. We talked about various funny episodes and drank a lot. I thought I had been drinking a lot of alcohol with some friends every night these days.

To tell you the truth, one of my motivations to attend the choir was to see our conductor. She is a really cute and talented girl, and I like her very much. During the party, I finally told her that I really liked her. After that, she seemed very happy, so I was very happy too.
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