Excuses Not to Study

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Mar 22, 2009 09:08
When I woke up in the bed this morning, I wanted to get a certification of database specialist. Actually, I don’t need any certifications on my job, but I thought studying something was fun.

I heard that it usually takes us about five months to study for a database specialist examination. After having lunch at a restaurant, I went to a bookstore and bought some textbooks.

I tried to study it at a cafe at first, but I changed my mind. Instead of studying, I met some of my friends and spent a few hours with them.

After coming back home, I tried to study it again. However, I watched a lot of content on YouTube and Wikipedia. When my eyes felt itchy, I noticed that it was time that I should go to bed.

After all, I didn’t study it at all. Did I escape from studying?