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I’m just a regular woman of Japan. I haven't been on Lang-8 for a while, but lately I’ve been hanging out in HiNative. Honestly I didn’t expect it to be that fun, but it hit me unexpectedly.

Learning a language is like crossing an ocean. It might be more confortable to stay in the little island, however ...


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5 Steps You Probably Should Take When Your Loved Ones Are Depressed With native lang

Encouraging a depressed person's recovery is not that easy. You might be worried about how you should talk and which words to use. Or...
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Sep 29, 2018 07:23

The emotional expression : てしまう With native lang

One of the hardest truths we like to admit is the fact that everything has its end. Everything that exists in this world comes to end one...
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Jul 10, 2015 21:59 Japanese てしまう てしまった ちゃう
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