2 Tips for Japanese learners to write like a Native Japanese

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May 16, 2018 22:34
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↑idk, how many variations do you have for beginning of writing?
Hi there!
Today I'm gonna make a post about how to write like a native Japanese.

If you want to write Japanese sentences like a native, please do not finish with
-desu -da -datta -noda da da da... We do not use "da" on the end of every sentence!
-です -だ -だった -のだ。 It's only in textbooks, no one writes ending with DA unless it’s for something like a joke or poem.

Instead of that, let's begin using the following endings from today:
ーですな ーだなあ -だったんよなあ -したよー 
An example: "I went" 行った
今日〇〇に行ったに~!行ったんやでー!行ったよ~ 行ったぞー
行ってきたあ 行ってきた(笑) 行ってきた!行ってきたでござる 行ってきたでー
行って参りました 逝ってきた(gag)
Connecting with a conjugation
 行ったんやけど、、 行ったんに! 行ったけどさあ 行った感じ etc..
Even to only express "I went", we have various expressions depending on the time you are writing your style!

Another example: "I did" した
したよー! しました! してきた したぁ したんよー したんやけどさあー
してきたのにな~ したっていう、、 したって感じ した気がする したんよなあ
しましたね、ハイ。笑 しましたよ! したした! したでござる してきたでー

If you just say "I went 行った" / "I did した" YOU HAVE NO HUMANITY LIKE A ROBOT! Try to use various expressions, avoid finishing with Da/Ta, no longer finish like a robot, begin to understand a Japanese native writing!

Use ~ or っ or ... or !or Kaomoji etc on end of entences
We rarely finish our sentence only using 。 we use a lot ~ with any words for express long vowel sound! 食べた~=Tabetaaa 眠た~い =Nemutaaai 走って~!! = Hashitteeeeee!
If you use one ~, it will mean two "aa" longing sounds, if you use two ~~ it means "aaaa" like 行ったあ~~ ittaaaaaa.
See? It gives good vitality for sentences!

When you write Japanese you must remember this key point:
Skip "I" "you". skip "my, its, this".
We almost never write "あなたは" in this modern era for questioning. And avoid to say always "I". You can use "I" such as わたし あたし オレ ぼく 我 ワシ(we have 100 ways to say "I" in Japanese corresponding to their position)
Now, if you use a lot of "I" every time, it is very emphasized yourself! And we Japanese are avoiding that every time! If you want to use ironic way, you can use "I" many times but.. Not for us, we Japanese won't use like that.
Same rule for "its, this" you don't need to use seriously. Just say like "Take box" "Make rice" "Read book", if someone ask you which? Finally it's your turn to answer this or that, otherwise nobody care what you mention about.

I hope it helps for Japanese Learners!
Write me some sentences this 2 rules and I will be happily reading all of that!

I'm not perfect writing English but wanted to tell it.
Could you get it?