Roomy's One-Year Anniversary (Roomy の1周年記念日)

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Nov 8, 2010 03:15 anniversary 1周年 Lang-8 Roomy
Dear Friends,

November 1st was my birthday. It made me very happy that I received congratulatory messages from a lot of people.

November 8th is my first anniversary on Lang-8. Just one year ago today, I joined in this website and wrote my first entry in my "bad English." It was very short and almost embarrassing.

Thanks to the help of many people, my English skill has gradually improved since then (at least, I believe so). Further to that, I made good friends on Lang-8 and even exchanged personal messages and deepened friendship with them.

What I gained from the experience on this site is not just the enhancement of my language skill. Through making corrections and/or suggestions to the entries of Japanese language learners, I myself learned more and more about Japanese--my mother tongue. Those gains bore fruit in some of my previous entries.

When I started writing entries here, I just followed the ordinary diary style. Somewhere along the line, though, I made a course correction of my journal. To serve for people having interest in Japan, I decided to write my thoughts on the Japanese language and culture.[1]
If I could refine my language skill on top of that, I would have my cake and eat it too![2]

Any entry of my journal would not have been accomplished without the cooperation of the people who helped me through their corrections and comments--an important part of journal. I will be very happy if you leave your comments on my entries and let me know what you think of them, which will encourage me to write a new journal entry.

I hope you improve in learning Japanese and your dream come true. Wish us all luck!

With love,


゚・*:.。. .。.:・

1. Of course, I reserve the right to write about other topics.
2. I know this idiom is mostly used negatively, but I prefer this to "kill two birds with one stone."