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Hey there Lang-8 userbase! I'm Kazoochachoo, but you can just call me Riley if you want to be more casual with me. I'm an artist in training, or at least I hope to be, but I have a lot of other passions too. I like nice nature walks, cooking a little from time to time, psychology - along with my love of graphic design and animation. I'm big on traveling and seeing the world too, sort of why I joined this community. I'm a military child who's grown up being used to traveling around and making new friends.

I've lived all around the USA from California to Texas to Virginia to Maryland. I've only lived outside of America once (Germany as a kindergartener), I desperately want to get to learn more about the world beyond America. Starting with Japanese for now because I know it'll be even more challenging beyond that later! That and I'm potentially looking into the JET program if I can get myself through college, I'm the big brother of three other kids so I'm quite fond of and used to teaching and relating to little kids, and teaching foreign kids a whole new culture sounds wonderful! I'm interested in learning Chinese and French later on too though, and maybe several more if I can!

I'm a bit of a soft spoken or reserved person to talk to, but when you get to know me I'm very open and friendly, if not a tad annoying! I try to be as helpful as I can so don't be shy to approach me if you need help with English, even if I'm a little shy in approaching myself. Now for some minor personal trivia! My left hand is my dominant hand, my favorite food is Buffalo Chicken Wings (My folks are originally from Buffalo, New York where they originated so I appreciate the authenticity!). I love comics; comics from all around the world, I don't really discriminate between genres but I do really gravitate towards adventure-heavy comics like One Piece and Tin Tin. Green is my favorite color because I dig how calm yet vibrant it can be. I like carrying a sketchbook around so I can draw scenery I find interesting when I'm out and about!

Sorry for the lengthy self introduction, I'm just so excited to learn more, I'm sure this'll really help me commit to bettering myself day by day!

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