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Men's Figure Skating

Men's figure skating was over yesterday. I had been particularly looking forward to it . Daisuke Takahashi has been expected to get a...
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Feb 20, 2010 09:12
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For lang-8 beginners
This is group for beginners. First of all , plese find friend who can teach you the language...



What a strange expression!
If you find any strange expressions in English or Chinese in the lang-8 system, please let us k...



UK ⇔ Japan - British English ⇔ Japanese/日本語
A community for people in the UK and Japan studying Japanese or English. Discuss English, Briti...

Testimonials from My Friends

Eriko-san is a great Japanese teacher! Her English is also excellent, which is great for English speakers like me because this means that she can communicate well with me and teach me Japanese. I find her dedication to learning English amazing. Her journal entries offer nice and warm glimpses of slices of Japanese life, which a Japanese learner like me appreciates. Her fondness and love for her children also come through in her journal entries. I really appreciate people who have open minds, and Eriko-san is one of those people. Her openness of mind to new ideas, cultures, and ways of thinking is refreshing. Eriko-san always finds the time to teach me Japanese. She is very patient, which is an essential trait of a good teacher (especially if I am the student, haha). Someone else gave the testimonial that Eriko-san is "incredibly kind in her corrections and help for others, and has such a calming, balanced, and thoughtful influence." That is well said, and I couldn't agree more. To put icing on the cake, Eriko-san has a great sense of humor, which makes the learning process even more fun. (A good sense of humor is a trait that I really value in people in general.) And, like all good teachers, Eriko-san also gently tests me to make sure that I am making progress in my Japanese. ^^ For me, learning Japanese is so much more fun and easy because of Eriko-san. ^^ So, thank you, Eriko-san!

I'm really glad i got to be friends with Erikoさん. i think her attitude towards language is wonderful... that it's for communication, and something to enjoy using!! She's incredibly kind in her corrections and help for others, and has such a calming, balanced, and thoughtful influence. But, more than anything, I admire the way she views the world in such an artistic way!!! In Erikoさん's writing and comments, you can see that she recognises the beauty in things other people wouldn't even notice, or take for granted. It's a rare talent, i think. Thankyou for sharing that!!!
Erikoさんはすごく熱心に英語を勉強されています。 添削された箇所も丁寧に分析されて、まさに日進月歩で上達されていく様子は同じ英語を学習中の者としてとても励みになります。