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Oct 8, 2018 20:12 grammar problems mail winter email store
Hey, can you check my grammar? This is formal email. Thank you so much!

I’m writing to you with a big request.
Lately we have noticed a problem with our anti-theft system in the gates in front of our store. A lot of shoplifting has been reported already. Last month two thieves got caught in an amazingly short space of time. We have called the police so many times and even if they arrested two people, the situation in our store hadn’t improved.

You can see how many items are missing according to our weekly inventory. We are doing our best to keep eye on clients who enter the store, but constantly missing products worries us a lot. As you know our store is situated in the tram station and here theft is increased. We don’t have any cameras or security in front. That’s why we want to ask you for the system capable of detecting metals. We know it could be expensive, but we don’t see any other options. Our shop is already suffering from material loss and we would like you to help us stop that from happening. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and help.

Best Regards