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Nov 10, 2018 16:10 grammar email feedback winter problems store trends fall mail clothes
Hello, can you check my grammar in this short email?Thank you!

First of all thank you for amazing dresses from Evening’s collection we have received in the last few weeks. And I have to say that it didn’t take our customers long to fell in love with this collection! 

The most popular? Velvet, of course!
Our clients show us their interest in long velvet one piece suits that Mango is offering. Because they believe that it’s made to show off their curves, highlighting waist and skimming their hips so they’ll look and feel fabulous. And velvet dresses has a form-fitting material that looks striking not only on shapely women. It's alluring, shimmery and soft.

Also, we saw already a little preview of 4 season’s collection. And wow, animal print (tiger this time!) full on 80's extravaganza with unexpected combinations and colors. So wild! I love it 

In attachment I’m also sending a short feedback about products you requested.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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