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Jan 11, 2019 10:59 t feedback managment grammar fashion
Can you check my grammar in this short feedback? Thank you for your help! :)

It’s us again with our first feedback about ACC this year. As always thank you for your support and cooperation with our store.

In the upcoming season, there still will be snakes and crocodile patterns, which thanks to you, we already have. Our clientele more and more often willing to buy bold patterns and colors. This season sunflower color has stolen our heart. Bags, boots, even belts look amazing.

Waistband bags, commonly known as kidney bags were very successful last season and we hope this and the trend will be irreversible, if it isn't already. Ladies praise their practicality and diversity. They can find them in our store from a plain classic one to an extra-exponent.

The circle handbags will apply in the fashion primer, which is not missing in our store. But of course, we want more!

Basket bags and woven handbags were bestsellers last season and we believe that spring will not bend without them. At the moment we do not have that sort of models, but due to the great interest, we also ask you to unblock a few bags.
When it comes to models of shoes, the most popular, in our opinion, will be shoes with thick soles – sneakers and boho style boots. We already received some models and our clients love it. They praise the material as well as the quality and comfort.
We hope that the upcoming season in the set trends will be very fruitful in the sale of accessories and will appeal to our customers, because we've already loved it.