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Jun 1, 2016 09:34 essay grammar problems religion media presentation
Hello, I'm writing essay about Religion in Mass Media and I need your help. This is one piece of my essay. Please correct my grammar errors. Thank you in advance.

More or less directly or only indirectly, but very real, language and discourse of media and culture, which they shape, touch and pulls in themselves virtually all people of religion and religious institutions, not excluding people who profess the slogan "media against religion" and those who do not use the TV, computer, internet or mobile phone. However - emphasize once more - the media are not inherently opposed to religion. They can threaten it and de facto often threaten, but need not be so. You do not need to see them as a "fourth temptation of Christ", but should [be] regarded as "gifts of God" - as John Paul II wrote in 1991. New inculturation – trough the media - is today for the religion a great challenge and task.

Media and religion can live together, but it is not always easy. It may be a result of the essence of things. Media report the facts and religion rather talk about ideas. Present the facts should be show in short time. For the development of an ideas time is needed. Media deal with local affairs, "in their own backyard", they want to shocking people, attracting their attention. Religion touches the universal problems; it's not about flattering the taste, but struggle and putting challenges. What religion would offer to the modern media? First of all, it draws attention to the primacy of people. We are not talking to an anonymous mass of people; we are like a guest in the house a particular person. The listener and the reader is the most important. We have to be his voice. Assimilate his questions and problems. Respect the recipient, which means to give information in such a way that he could understand the impact it will have on his life. Religion offers balance, which is very important for the media. This is particularly the tension between form and content of the program. You can not agree with this phrase: Good is what is selling well. Overtake in attractiveness of forms makes the measure is increasingly leached out of the content, which gives a person a sense of spiritual saturation.

Freedom of expression and publication is a great value, but it works properly when it is accompanied by responsibility for word, and concern for the good name of every person. The coexistence of religion and the media is possible with mutual exploration, and a good attitude. We need a lot of effort to reach a deeper message present in the popular media, where interesting religious topics are portrayed in fiction. You also need to grasp the contemporary culture of all the elements that are naturally favorable message about God and the dignity of person. It is true that religion has become in the modern world very individual and personal matter. However, it is necessary to people as air even if they’re not quite realize that has important significance.
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