To my frind Mr. M

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Feb 18, 2014 07:02
Indeed, I was worry about you because you didn't contact me last on Moday and Thuseday. I supposed that you met accident. I tried to find everywhere, my email box lang-8 and skype but I couldn't find your message. I didn't have any way to find you. Finally, I came up good idea on my mind. I check your page on Lang-8. I knew you were o.k. You didn't contact me though, you corrected another friend's article and sent message to her. You wrote" we discusse your article on Monday."
That was true. I knew you did't like to practice with me. Not stalker!!

I always try to treat another person politely.

Yesterday morning, you called me phone at that time, I got on the bus to hot spring.. In Japan, we are baned to use cellphone in public transportation that why I cut my cellphone.
I hope you correct mine and you understand what I want to say.