Interesting documentary program.

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Jul 11, 2013 05:54
I watched documentary program with interest in about counterfeit on TV yesterday. I have well known there are bags, clothes, shoes, wines and watches so on like those but no less than items. Counterfeits are in many fields which involved in human life, car's parts, plane's parts, even medicines. Almost of those goods have made in China. The TV shown up some examples. One of the stories was a Canadian woman lived in small island, that place wasn't convienient. She just only could buy something on internet or went to another island by ship and she bought medicines on internet. After that she surdenly died but the cause of the death was unknown. Nobady known how long she took medicines. Police tried to anatomize her body though 3days later her body's color changed to blue and it was known the medicine was included mineral in China. Broadcasting another story, second plane's parts used to the plane too. The end of 20th century, when there was a plane crash happend in South Amecian. Getting robbers around the crush plane and stolen parts and taken away. A plane which 100 German ride on to cruise was crashed due to fall small parts and all people died. There was no evidence even though, due to use regular parts. The counterfeit history is very long from 16th in Rome. The producer said Chainese is goot at copy because they copied calligraphy of old famouse people. I thought that is different problem. When we lean calligraphy, we copy professional's letter. I think we never good at product conterfeits.