I want to practice present perfect tence

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Jul 29, 2013 19:37
I supposed my computer had broken because I turned on my computer but the screen had been disapeared anything and the color was black.I could usually use it until yesterday.That was no problem. I bought the computer which is made in NEC 4years ago. I have used it for my hobby not job. I wonder it was so early to broke out.
I wonder I should buy new one. I gave up to repair the computer but I want to have electricity shop checked at once. And then I brought it to the shop. The staff turned on my computer, it started to work immediately. The staff said the computer haven't broken, it has been installed a lot of soft and it become heavy. I delete extra soft so the computer became work well.
I want to practice to perfect tence. I don't know which difference between past tence and prevent perfect tence. Please let me teach about that.