Narrative Tenses

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Jul 21, 2013 20:29
When I was 4 or 5 years old, I was always with my sister who is one year younger than me.
Our hight was almost same tall. Our mother had us won the mathing clothes so we seemed like a twin. That matter made our mother joyful. If it was fine weather, my mother had often made a lunch box for us. One day we were bringing that one and a sheet to nearby square and we had spreaded a mat and ate lunch. After that my sister had dug the soil 3 or 4 cm I had though. She had found some coins from soil. We often used to do play house when we were childhood.
I practiced to make sentences forcus on narrative tenses. I think there might be a lot of wrong tenses. I can't understand different between past and perfect tenses which sentences to use past simple past perfect past continue ... used to and had something done
narrative tenseに焦点を当てて作文の練習をした。沢山、時制の間違いが有ると思う。過去形と完了形の違いが分からない。文は過去形、過去完了形、過去進行形、used toと使役動詞を使った。

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