Yesterday, I went the bank.

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Feb 24, 2014 03:19
Yesterday, I went the bank.that was very crowded during waiting for a while, I was boring.
銀行がとても混んでいたので暫く待っていたが退屈した。 I went window shopping. I found a showy shirt. A color is gray with black spots in sleeves
.色はグレーでそでには黒の水玉がある。 That has 2 butterfles in front, one is yellow and purple, the other is made of spangle, back has a yellow and purple butterfly too.

前には2羽 のちょうちょがある。一つは黄色と紫のちょうちょで,もう一つはスパンコールでできてる。That is very showy and beautiful. If as I bought it, I can't wear it usually but I really wanted to it. Fortunately, it was very cheap and I bought it. Maybe I can wear it once or twice after I throw away. I sometimes saw a people who was wearing such kind of cloth was night stand staff.