Meiji Period

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Jan 17, 2017 05:52
Meiji period.

Our country closed until Meiji period.
わしたちの くにはめいじ じだいまで さこくをしてました。
At that time Bushi did politics.
そのじだいは、ぶしが せいじをしてました。
They don’t like to expand Christianity all over the country, that mainly religion’s doctrine is all people are equality right that wasn’t good for the ruler so our politician adopts to cloth the country.
At that time our country’s social society based on people’s rank.
The top position was Bushi, next farmer the third producer and the last is a merchant.
The Country was supported by annual tributes from farmer’s harvest, merchant’s business didn’t product, only treat and got big profit. That wealth might destroy society system.
くには、のうみんのねんぐでささえられ、しょうにんはただしょうひんのばいばいだけで、おおくのりえきをえ、そのとみがしゃかいせいどを はかいしかねないとかんがえ。
That’s why merchant rank was the lowest.
Origin, our country leader was emperor but later Samurai became ruler.

At the end of the Edo period, the end of 19th, the U.S. British and France demanded to open the country. They aimed to control our country like China.
The foreign countries planned to separate to two parties and want to occur conflict on our country after planned to be their colonies.

Our ancestors were very smart, they were eager to avoid conflict.
わたしたちのそせんは けんめいでふんそうになるのをさけようとねつぼうしました。
Finally, they found the best solution. We called it “ koubu gatutaii” that means, Emperor sister was the bride to The Tokugawa. Two big political leaders were one society.
ついに、かれらは、よいかいけつさくを みつけました。わたしたちは、それをこうぶがっつたい といってます。てんのうのいもうとを、とくがわのおよめさんにしました。ふたつのけんりょくがひとつになったのです。

And then Meiji period started to pursued to developing country after we experienced that two big world war, now our country became a developed country.