Old time, Almost all of the road in Japan made of soil.

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Jul 15, 2013 12:57
Old time, Almost all of the road in Japan made of soil. In Summer, when it was getting high temperature, we spread water over there about at 3:00pm, so as to be lower temperature. So we felt a little bit chill than before, I felt the feeling was good, it wasn't described beyond words and put the banko, like long bench, out side of shadow and waving uchiwa, means folding fan. Sometimes, children took gyouzui at out side, It looks like water in the plastic pool for children and heard sound of furin, that is wind bell from a house. That was the summer scene when we were children.
But now all of roads are asphalt in all over Jpan, inspite of that nobody even passe the narrow road in countryside. If we spread water on the road, we feel hoter more than before and we can see heat hazes. When weatherforcast say that the highest temperature will be 32degree today but actually, real temperature is much higher. We are attached by heat from three parts, the Sun beam is showing us from upside, concrete buldings' heat flowing us from beside and burning asphalt roads reflected heat to us from under part.
Anyway we feel awesome hot until the end of September