Thank you .

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Apr 17, 2014 19:18
Thank you . you are really kind person, I appreciate. I have been to Poland, Hungary and the Czech three years ago in Autum. Those countries were so beautiful, I thought I go back again in the time.

I would like to visit to Belgium, Netherland, Zurich, Germany, the czech and Hungary on this time.
I booked the hotel with a kitchen for 4 nights, it's located behind department store. I'm looking forward to shopping and cooking. I just decided only one thing during trip
I printed out many attractive places though. I can't decide anything yet, maybe It's convenient to move for us by Europian Rail but we have no plan and I don't buy it yet. If you have a good idea, please let me know. I can image your house is nice.

有難う。貴方は本当に親切な人ですね。感謝します。私は3年前の秋にポーランド、チェコ、ハンガリに行きました。とても綺麗な街だったのでその時又行こうと思いました。裏にデパートがあるベルリンのだいどころ付きホテルを4泊とりました。 買い物に行ってお料理をするのを楽しみにしてます。旅の間決めてるのはこれだけです。沢山の魅力的な場所をプリントしてますがまだ何も決められません。 たぶんヨーロッパ鉄道で動くのが便利でしょうがまだ何も決めてないのでまだ買ってません。もし、良い考えが有ったら教えてください。