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Dec 21, 2013 20:38
Our an english school's staffs and foreigner tutors' teaching is kindness. Sometimes he introduces British customs and handed us articles about queen Elizabeth diamond jubilee and William's new baby. In addition, there are counsellings by Japanese staffs every two or three month in the school. Every time, after I took a counselling, I was dissapointed. Before school holiday, I took it. The first a staff asked me "Do you understand the lesson?" When I heard the question, I couldn't say"Yes, I do straightly." That was why it was his impression to me, I though. I can't go into the class mates telling stories. For example, it's very lively in town of Christamas though, I'm not interest in about that. If there were festivals and special ceremonys, I would feel nothing special. I send as usual. This time a student moved to high gread class, we two students left the current class. I think that a tutor have lessons very tired because the one student isn't interesting about some themes so I may quite the school. But that is my problem. If I go to another school, the situation is the same, not change.