Save electricity.

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Jul 7, 2012 01:25
I heard the news a heavy rain disaster visited north part of Japan that carried damage to crops.

It was high temperature and humid weather, sweltering heat today. If it's possible, I keep hight air in a small bottle and send it to people who live confortable place so you will experient sweaty weather. I suppose that is rare experience. Now in my prefecture, power company demmand to save electricity, they have planted to cut electric power from July 2 to September 2 so they have diveded part of our city and cut power a few hours a day. We use it 70 or 80 percent a day in these days. Everyday power consumption rate is described on news paper or internet etc. We're helping to power company plan, we bear to use air conditioner.
The company haven't practiced it yet , when it getting much hotter, we will use air conditioner, the company will do practice plan. We are force to spend hard and uncofortable life from now on.