practice 6.4 no2

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Jun 5, 2012 02:54
In fact, it's difficult to teah Japanese to whom doesn't know hiragana means.
The first I asked her to know hiragana, her answer was that, what is it?
And then I typed hiragana and sent it to her but it changed to box because she didn't install hiagana varsion. But her motivations are real, not fake.
As we spend to study for an hour, I wanted to finish to study because I was tired but she wanted to continue instead of that I wanted to say ”Do more effort by yourself". I'm probably drawing with her, anyway we promised to meet next time. By the way, would you tell me how to install Japanese varsion, I want to teach her. I know it's easy, I installed Aabic, but I don't know an English term of computer. I couln't teach her yesterday.
それで、わたしはひらがなを、彼女に送りましたが ひらがな変換にしてなかったのでその文字はboxに変わりました。

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