Practice 5.17

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May 17, 2012 12:39
I went to aesthetic salon, I booked a week ago, yesterday.
That company's products are much more expensive. I have 7 piece of available free tickets, I bought valuable cosmetics before(利用券がもらえるだけ、化粧品を買った。) and face pack that haven't open yet. If I went to there, they would have me buy cosmetics. It's better for me to abondon them and I decided that I have never gone to there before. But yesterday I went to there ,I beaten my desire.
I was determined not to buy stuffs, even though they whould have said something to me.
But in fact I was not so strong, her saying made me anxious with my shine's picture. She succeeded to disappoint me.
Finaly I bought one thing and booked next coming date.
After I came home, I was thinking that I failed the atmosphere,I wonder I will go to there next time I do same thing again.... I should throw away them I think but I can't.
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