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Feb 25, 2012 06:05
I accepted a friend request from Senegal female, she is 24 years old. I couldn't think over about that. Now I got her mail, she wrote her circumstance,now she lives refugee camp because her country had civil war so her mother and brother were killed by rebel.
I could only watch about that kind of storys were document program on T V
Now my heart was ringing a bell. I couldn't accept that issue near my things.That was very heavy things to me.I though she was eager to peaceful and safety.
Yesterday,I watched document program about Kenya. The govenment has destroyed slum in Nairobi without thinking thier own nation and aim to change modern city.
Driving out people from here, they haven't gone anywhere.Japanese young doctor help them. He collects donations from Japanese to save children's life.
I could accept that was the news.
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