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Dec 14, 2011 10:26
I got strange mail from Tailand one month ago.That was Toyata Lottery.
They said I won $10,000U.S and car, I didn't entry that.they select 20 members over the world by mail adress, total amount of $ 200,000 U.S and $10,000U.S.per a parson.
That mail was in English, I took to read it for a long time.I was suprised and If it was truth , how much happy I was ,I dreamed to make a plan.Therefor that wasn't happened.
I checked and found that name on web-site, there were described many lines and pictures
I throw it away , yesterday I got a mail from them again, they said your reply was too late, you should have sent information immediately.I said I refuse the awards and donate them to UNICEF.