Is there anyone to have a good way to improve my language skill?

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Jan 3, 2018 14:00
I had stayed in the Philippines to study English for 5 months about 3 years ago

and felt that all my skills in English were a whole lot getting better..

I had spoken, written, listened and read English all day and even dreamed of being fluent of speaking English.

I've got 150 high scores in TOEIC before the language training and got the confidence of using English right after the time in the Philippines.

However, it's been a 3 years and there was no good chance for keeping my English skills in Korea.

I regret not to try to keep my improved English skills but It's a time-consuming to look back and not to do anything.

Just focus to live today and do not waste even one minute or one second.

That's the only solution to grow up step by step.

Let me know ur own ways to study language if u have a successful experience or you are trying to acquire.

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